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Public Bike Pump

When bikes get a flat tire or need a little air, having a bike pump nearby can make the difference between riding and walking. So can having the right tools available for basic maintenance and repair. To make sure they stay available, all bike pumps, wheel chocks and repair stands are designed to be bolted into concrete.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Outdoor-rated stainless steel construction, completely sealed
  • Proprietary long-life piston seal and solid pump rod
  • Steel braided air hose core prevents cutting
  • Dual pump head works on all bikes
  • Longer hose available with mounting clip



Temperature Range: -30 to 110° F
Material: Stainless steel
Pump Rod: Solid core
Hose: Rubber exterior, Braided steel core
Pump Head: Presta/Schrader (no removable parts without special tool)
Hose Length Options: 18″ or 35″
Installation Options: Surface or rack mount, embedment
Maximum Pressure: 160 psi
Dimensions: 9″ W x 26″ H x 7″ D