Your Go-To Resource for Bike Shelter Projects

If your organization or school wants to reduce its carbon footprint, encourage your people to bike to work and school. Providing convenient and secure bike racks and shelters throughout your campus is an infrastructure investment that makes it possible. The Handi-Hut team provides ideas on where to start with your project or help get it over the finish line with knowledgeable sales and customer service, reliable deliveries and field supports.

Whether you need a simple bike rack outside your building, an indoor bike storage cage or locking bike shelter for your residential building project, we have short term bike parking and long-term bicycle storage solutions and products to suit any site.

Help Through the Process

At Handi-Hut You’re Guaranteed:

  • Prompt quotes
  • Partnership through the spec, site survey, and design process
  • Innovative and customizable shelter options
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Simple installation
  • Continuing education

Give your community a positive experience with sustainability through attractive, safe, and comfortable transit solutions. We’ll partner with you in designing and guide you through the spec and installation process. Our prefabricated product keeps costs low while providing an easy-to-assemble customizable option.

Fundraising & Grant Ideas

We want to see your projects receive the funding they need to get moving! With over 50 years in the shelter industry, talk to us for ideas to fundraise and earn grants for your bicycle parking projects.

Encourage Sustainability

Providing safe and secure bike parking shelters is a good first step towards encouraging sustainability within a neighborhood, company, or campus. Once people know they can leave their bike unattended, without worrying about a wet seat, rusty chain or stolen bike, you’ll be surprised how many people will opt to bike instead of drive. For an even greater level of safety and security, Handi-Hut’s solar shelter lights are a bright idea.

Free Continuing Education

Our free online trainings aid your sustainability efforts, so you stay informed about the best next steps to increase biking and decrease carbon emissions in your community.