Helping You Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Waiting for a bus or train is often the least favorite part of the transit experience, especially in bad weather. Riders need a safe place to wait, protected from the elements and that encourages use of public transportation.

We understand these shelters need to look their best and hold up in all conditions. Our durable materials have withstood the test of time – keeping passengers connected outside their neighborhood and comfortable while they wait.

Quality Transit Shelters. Built to Last.

Our prefabricated bus stop shelters not only result in a higher quality shelter with lower installation costs, they minimize the likelihood of contractor errors during assembly and installation. Handi-Hut shelters are produced with high quality, low maintenance materials and finishes and shipped in sturdy wood crates to ensure they arrive unscathed …so your shelters look good long after you purchased them. Some of them are still standing over 30 years after they were installed!

Amenities for Comfort and Convenience

For your customer’s convenience, one of our options is an economical, solar powered USB charging port. Connected directly to the frame of the shelter, the port will enable your riders to charge their phones or work on their laptops, making their wait time more productive. A small investment goes a long way.

Understandably, riders want a convenient and comfortable shelter to wait for their bus or train – a place where they feel safe and are protected from the weather. For your customer’s comfort and safety, we offer amenities like glass or perforated aluminum wind screens, vented roofs, contoured benches, electric heaters, solar lights (for new or retrofitted shelters) and UV treated polycarbonate roofs to let in sunlight but block harmful ultra-violet rays.

Ready for a Change?

Want a new look or freshen up an old shelter? With our prefabricated system, we can retrofit your existing shelter with a new roof with the same or different style. Vandalized or damaged glass panels can be easily replaced. Add a solar light to brighten things up or a leaning rail for additional, vagrant-proof seating outside the shelter.

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Our photo gallery displays some examples of our standard and custom shelters. Your people have places to go, deadlines to meet. We will promptly respond to your requests for information, price quotes and provide reliable deliveries so you can connect more riders to their destinations. Connect with us today!