Bus Stop Shelters

As one of the pioneers of prefabricated aluminum bus stop shelters, Handi-Hut has a long history in building mass transit infrastructure. Our bus stop, ride-share and train station shelters are prefabricated in our factory to ensure superior quality, versatility, and easy, low-cost assembly; plus, they are produced in rust-proof, chip-proof anodized aluminum for durability and longevity. Choose from numerous standard models, sizes, roof styles, configurations, colors, options, and accessories to complement virtually any site or budget. You’ll also find our modular system makes customization surprisingly easy and affordable.

Select options like a Solar Light and/or a Solar USB Charging Station for your customers’ safety and convenience. Our low-cost solar lights are also sold separately and easily retrofit existing bus stop shelters. Many of our models have a front wind screen for extra weather protection. And all models include an integrated aluminum bench and backrest.