Bike Lockers

When you need secure bike lockers for your project, our 300 and 350 series lockers have many options to choose from. For optimal protection from the elements, theft and vandalism, the 300 and 350 series bike lockers are a top choice of architects and government agencies. Constructed of durable fiberglass reinforced plastic, they won’t rust, dent or chip and are stain resistant. When browsing our bike storage lockers, you can find options such as the 301W, 301P, 352, and more models. Choose from 8 different models, 7 colors and numerous options best suited for your site. Whichever model you choose, these secure bike lockers will keep belongings safe and ready until you need them next.

For indoor bike storage, our Indoor Bike Lockers are a space efficient and secure solution. Only 40” wide and 52” long, they are modular and sold singly, or connect side-by-side.