Bike Lockers

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350 Series


The 350 Series bike lockers are our top of the line bike lockers.

Durable and attractive, the 351 and 352 models are constructed with fiberglass reinforced plastic and are highly resistant to stains, impact and scratching… and require less maintenance than other bike lockers.

  • More durable and graffiti resistant than roto-mold lockers.
  • Do not rust, corrode or need painting like metal lockers.
  • The standard key-lock mechanism is completely internal and resists tampering.
  • Reduced costs due to low maintenance and long life.
  • High security due to built-in door locks with concealed hinges. Locking bar from top to bottom of door.


Materials: Manufactured of molded fiberglass reinforced plastic composite with a smooth “X” and “Y” pattern on stippled walls and top, with smooth door frame and stippled door. Materials: E-glass and polyester resin at 35% ratio.
Color: White, Tan, Café, Teal, Green, Blue, Medium Grey
Custom Colors: Ask for our full color chart and choose from a greater selection of non-standard colors or we can match color from a sample provided by customer.
Door(s): (Qty-2)
Bike Capacity: 2
Dimensions: 49" H x 74.25" D x 40" W
Medium Gray
White, Tan, Cafe, Teal, Green, Blue, Medium Gray

Electronic Locks

  • Keypad / RFID

Padlock Locking System

  • Padlock not included. Stainless Steel Construction

Master-Keyed Chrome Plated T-Handle Locks

  • Abloy high security cylinders. 3 user keys. 1 master key include per order. Additional Master keys available – contact for information

U-Lock/D-Lock Locking System

  • Stainless steel hardware locking system designed for the use of cyclists U-Lock/D-Lock

Door Hold / Check

  • Will keep door full open when parking or removing bike or closed position when not in use. Recommended for locations with self-serve parking (padlock or coin operated) to keep doors closed when not in use. Also keeps doors from swinging into user if lockers are placed on a sloped site


  • Fiberglass composite floors, installed in factory. Available for models 301P, 301, and 302

Safety-View Security Windows

  • Window in locker door 12″ X 12″ specify Lexan or Perforated steel powder coated

Interior Walls / Diagonal / Outside Walls

  • Safety-View windows for interiors walls, diagonals, and outside walls are available for all lockers (excluding model 301WL). Walls are perforated steel with choice of 2 materials with viewing opening of 40.5″H X 53″L
  • Stacking / Two Tier Lockers / 300 SERIES ONLY
  • This feature allows you to stack the lockers providing twice the parking in the same foot print as one unit. The upper level lockers are specially built for this application with the locks located lower on door for easy access. When specifying stacked lockers must specify the number of upper and lower units with lower units using the standard model numbers and the upper units having model number followed by “U”. Only like models can be stacked. Grouping of units recommended for stability.

Logo & Screened Images

  • Screened logos and text can be imprinted in the locker surface with the same high quality gel coat used in all locker finishes. With our unique process the Logo/Text is applied in the lamination process, in the mold such that it is not a surface coating or paint.

*Locker Security & Accessories features are ordered & sold separately from base models.