Covered Walkways,
Canopies & Enclosures

We’ve Got You Covered

Make a great first impression on your customers, visitors and employees with covered walkways, entry canopies and enclosures from Handi-Hut. Produced in prefabricated modular sections, our anodized aluminum shelters are rustproof, can be made any length, install easily, are readily customizable. Choose from our wide selection of roof styles to complement your building’s architecture.

Walkway Covers

Walkway covers are a distinctive and economical way to provide pedestrians protection from the elements. With our modular system, walkway covers can easily be made any length or configuration. Choose from a wide variety of roof styles, including a standing seam aluminum roof.


Adding glass windscreens to covered walkways will further protect pedestrians and sidewalks from snow and freezing rain, keeping employees and visitors comfortable on cold and windy days. They will also reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Entry Canopies

Entry canopies are a welcoming addition that will enhance the appearance of your building while providing shelter from the rain. Adding your company name and/or street address can also make your business easier to find. Choose from several standard roof styles.

Entry Enclosures & Vestibules

Handi-Hut’s prefab entry vestibules are an economical way to reduce energy costs, increase security, and provide your employees and customers all weather protection. Use stand-alone, or a networked access control system so you can easily control and monitor entry.

Protection From the Elements
Whether it’s the rain, snow, wind or UV rays from the sun, Handi-Hut shelters provide all weather protection. In addition, features like concealed rain gutters prevent pedestrians from getting splashed on and tempered glass windscreens help them stay warm or cold, windy days.

Help Prevent Accidents
One of the major causes of workplace injuries are slips and falls on wet or icy pavement and walkways. And not surprisingly, resulting lawsuits from personal injury attorneys and huge insurance claims well. Although there’s nothing you can do about the weather, installing a walkway cover or entry canopy is something you can do to help prevent accidents.

Save Energy
Want to reduce your energy costs? Turn your entrance into an inviting vestibule by enclosing it with a canopy, glass side walls and a door. Regardless of the weather, Handi-Hut’s prefabricated walkway covers, entry canopies and enclosures provide protection from the elements, from the parking lot to the front door.