Covered Walkways,
Canopies & Enclosures

We’ve Got You Covered

Make a great first impression on your visitors and employees with covered walkways, entry canopies and vestibules. With a wide selection of standard roof designs, finishes, colors and options, we make it easy to buy shelters to complement the architecture of your buildings. Produced in prefabricated modular sections, they install quickly, economically and enhance the value of your property.

Want to reduce your energy costs? Turn your entrance into an outdoor vestibule with glass side panels and door. Whether walking a short distance or hundreds of feet, these amenities are sure to be appreciated by all.

Handi-Hut/Velodome walkway covers, entry canopies and enclosures provide pedestrians protection from the elements in all types of weather.


Our prefabricated roofs will keep pedestrians dry while the concealed rain gutters and leaders keep them from getting splashed


Stay warm on cold, windy days by opting for glass windscreens or sidewalls. Options include electric heats and solar lights


Protect pedestrians and sidewalks from snow and freezing rain while preventing slip and fall hazards


Polycarbonate roof panels let in sunlight while providing UV protection. For a different look, opt for standing-seam aluminum roof

Covered Walkway
Covered Entrance
Covered Walkway