Why are your shelters prefabricated?

Our aluminum shelters are factory pre-glazed and prefabricated to ensure a higher quality product, less visible hardware and to reduce installation time and cost to our customers.

Where are your shelters located?

We have shelters in every state, Canada and on four continents.

How long will it take for us to put up a shelter that we purchased?

It varies by model and size. Generally, it will take 2 semi-skilled people about 2-3 hours to install a Model 4-2 shelter. Assembly instructions and all hardware are included. See our “QUICK N EASY” INSTALLATION DEMO

How are your shelters shipped?

Our aluminum shelters are pre-glazed and pre-assembled in our factory. They are then knocked down and shipped in sections in wooden crates via common carriers. Steel shelters are not pre-assembled but are shipped in wood crates.

What kind of foundation will I need for the shelter to sit on?

We recommend a 6” thick Portland concrete pad that is 2 feet larger than the shelter in both directions.

How is the shelter attached to the concrete?

Use the supplied ½” concrete anchor bolts.

How long will aluminum shelters last?

We use heavy-duty lifetime materials and finishes that don’t rust. Some of our shelters are still in use today, over 35 years since they were installed!

Do your shelters come with a warranty?

Yes, we warranty our shelters for 1 full year against defective parts and workmanship.

Can you customize your shelters?

Yes, we do it every day. With our modular construction system, shelters can be modified without the cost usually associated with custom shelters. Just let us know your requirements.