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Bus Stop Benches

Handi-Hut offers three bus stop bench styles produced in durable, anodized aluminum for a long and rust-free life. All Handi-Hut transit and smoking shelters are equipped with a sturdy cantilevered bench and comfortable backrest. To deter vagrants from sleeping on benches, we offer the Sleepless model that is produced with armrests. We also produce a freestanding Pedestal bench that can be surface mounted or set into concrete. All bus shelter benches are available with a clear or dark bronze anodize finish or can be powder coated upon request.

An alternative (or addition) to a bench is a Leaning Rail. Sleek but supportive, they can provide a respite from long waits or walks and deter vagrants as well. Our standard benches and leaning rails are 6’ long but can be ordered in any length.