Bicycle Parking Racks

EZ Lift is a deluxe, two-tier bike rack that stores twice as many bikes as ordinary bike racks.

To facilitate use, the upper level tracks are cantilevered and incorporate a piston that assists in raising and lowering bikes. Additionally, the upper tracks pull downward, creating a ramp for easy loading. This feature is particularly helpful when loading heavy bikes.

  • Space efficient
  • Lift-assisted
  • Solid steel lock bar
  • 8 and 12 bike models

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Frame: 3"x3"x1/8" steel tube
Tracks: 13 gauge sheet metal
Lock Bars: 5/8" dia. solid steel rod
Lift-Assist: Pneumatic Piston
Finish: Powder Coated – Light Gray
Note: 9′ (minimum) height clearance is required
Dimensions: Length Varies x 74" W x 71" H
Light Gray

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