Tips for Creating a Bike-Friendly College Campus

Cycling is a top means of transportation for many college students. Therefore, campuses need to encourage student cyclists. Fortunately, there are techniques to promote an environment that suits cycling. Keep reading to learn about these top tips for creating a bike-friendly college campus today!

Introduce Bike Education Workshops

An important step toward creating a bike-friendly campus is providing educational workshops, and resources. Safety is a priority for all cyclers, and workshops can further emphasize the importance of bike safety both on and off campus. Educational programs should cover safety tips, local traffic laws, and bike locking techniques. Universities should also make information like campus bike routes, the location of repair services, and bike parking areas readily available for students.

Provide Bike Parking Areas

Students need a dependable bike parking area if they’re going to ride to class. Universities can install bicycle shelters and racks to create sufficient space for their students’ bikes. For students who live on campus, universities can designate areas for overnight bike storage. Ultimately, providing a space for bikes will further encourage students to cycle.

Create Incentive Programs

Students need motivation to cycle on campus, and the administration can create incentive programs to encourage bike riding. For example, cyclers can receive discounts at campus stores, vouchers, complimentary tools, and air stations. In addition, incentives can encourage students who wouldn’t normally cycle to use bikes as their main source of transportation.

Make Streets Bike-Friendly

There are several bike-related infrastructure improvements that universities can implement for student cyclers. For example, slower road speeds, bike lanes, and extending sidewalks can help cyclers safely ride their bikes on campus. In addition, university police can enforce bike and pedestrian safety laws that reprehend careless drivers who disregard cyclists.

Promote a Culture of Cycling

A great way to encourage biking on college campuses is to promote a culture of cycling. Students can form bicycle organizations and hold bike-related events. Some of these events can include campus bike tours, cycling marathons, or charity bike rides. Another key component to promoting a culture of cycling is bike maintenance. When students have working bikes, they will feel encouraged to use them. Student involvement groups can form “bike repair clinics” that fix common bike problems, such as broken chains or flat tires.

Cycling is a top means of transportation for many college students. Therefore, universities need to create campuses that accommodate this need. We hope our tips for creating a bike-friendly college campus were beneficial to you. If you’re interested in making your campus bike-friendly with storage areas, you should consider Handi-Hut; we’re a top supplier of custom biking shelters. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started on your order.