The Ultimate Guide to Garden Smoking Shelters

There are ways to accommodate smokers and nonsmokers in certain spaces. Prefabricated enclosures are the answer! Read the ultimate guide to garden smoking shelters to discover why these structures benefit establishments.

What Are Garden Smoking Shelters?

Garden smoking shelters are outdoor enclosures that allow people to smoke outside. The enclosures protect individuals from inclement weather. Many shelters come with features like trash cans, exhaust fans, smoking poles, and solar lighting. The features create a user-friendly experience for visitors, making it comfortable inside the structure.

When people think of these enclosures, they assume a garden smoking shelter is exclusive to gardens (or places with foliage). However, that’s not necessarily true. People install outdoor smoking shelters near specific areas to accommodate smokers. Of course, one of the areas is a garden.

The enclosures range in size, allowing businesses and government officials to install shelters in various places.

Places You’ll Find Smoking Shelters

Among the different types of enclosures, smoking shelters are common enclosures you’ll see in public. It’s normal to see them near commercial establishments, theaters, restaurants, workplaces, and sports arenas.

It’s important to understand that smoking enclosures are suitable for nonsmoking areas, which are public spaces that prohibit smoking inside the building. The shelter gives smokers a place to smoke or vape without disturbing nonsmokers or violating establishment rules.

Places You Won’t Find Enclosures

Although smoking shelters are around many places, there are some areas you won’t find enclosures. Typically, these are smoke-free areas, which prohibit smoking everywhere on a property. The places include hospitals, schools, libraries, and court buildings. To enforce the no smoking rule, buildings post signs that explicitly state, “no smoking” or “smoke-free.”

Why Are These Enclosures Important?

Inherently, smoking shelters accommodate smokers as the enclosures protect people from outdoor elements. However, the structures help nonsmokers too!

Secondhand smoke is the inhalation of burning tobacco products (e.g., cigarettes, hookahs, pipes). Essentially, people breathe in smoke that someone else breathed out. Exposure to secondhand smoke leads to respiratory infections, heart disease, lung cancer, and premature deaths.

That said, nonsmokers need protection in public spaces as they shouldn’t put their health at risk. Smoking shelters are designated spaces away from building entrances or busy areas. It’s a win-win situation as the enclosures accommodate different people.

Who Can Purchase a Smoking Shelter?

Business owners and government officials can purchase garden smoking shelters. Prefabricated enclosures are smart investments for various establishments since they minimize secondhand smoke exposure and accommodate smokers.

Please understand that employers do not have to provide smoking shelters, but they’re beneficial additions to workplaces. Without the enclosures, individuals may smoke in parking lots or near building entrances. The smoke contaminates the air and may turn patrons away from businesses. Furthermore, people are more likely to leave cigarette butts on the ground.

That said, business owners and government officials can contain smoking in one area and install the right enclosure for the building.

Characteristics of a Good Smoking Shelter

A good garden smoking shelter is a functional one. So, what is a functional enclosure? Check out these characteristics of a great enclosure:


How To Choose the Right Enclosure

To choose the right garden smoking shelter, you must select the right size. In fact, it’s the main factor of most enclosures. Here at Handi-Hut, we manufacture various models. For instance, our Series 3 accommodates three to four visitors, and our Series 5 can hold up to seven people.

After size, it’s essential to think about style. We offer different roof shapes like Dome, Poly Hip, and Standing Seam Gable. We also have powder coat colors available upon request. With us, businesses can generate a beautiful structure.

If you’re a first-time buyer, look at our photo gallery and see examples of our shelters.

Selecting the Right Manufacturer

Outdoor smoking shelters must withstand inclement weather without deteriorating. The only way it can maintain its appearance (and function) is with wear-resistant materials. Enclosures with anodized aluminum are perfect for outdoors because they have long life spans. Additionally, the material doesn’t corrode in rain or snow.

Some manufacturers promise enclosures that withstand environmental conditions, but they don’t last. The last thing business or officials want is to purchase a bad enclosure. Fortunately, you can trust the manufacturers at Handi-Hut. With quick and easy installation, we guarantee a durable smoking shelter.

Helpful Customization Tips

When business owners or officials can’t find what they’re looking for, they can create a customized smoking shelter. This ensures the structure meets stylistic standards while being functional. To create the best enclosure, here are some helpful customization tips:


Let Handi-Hut Help!

After reading the ultimate guide to garden smoking shelters, you understand the importance of these enclosures. If you’re interested in purchasing a prefabricated enclosure, let Handi-Hut help! Buy our top-quality shelters or customize your own. Either way, we’re here for you. Start your journey by contacting us today.

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Smoking Shelters