The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Entry Enclosures

You can take effortless steps to quite literally expand your company. Entry enclosures offer an extension to entranceways for any facility. Read the ultimate guide to commercial entry enclosures to determine if this addition would prove beneficial for your business.

What Are Commercial Entry Enclosures?

A commercial entry enclosure is a structure that extends a building’s entranceway. It provides a barrier between the outdoors and public or private facilities. These enclosures also protect employees and customers from inclement weather and increase security. For example, businesses can monitor these more manageable entryways throughout the day.

Entry enclosures are popular additions to buildings, especially during the wintertime. Many businesses use the structures to hold an overflow of customers or enclose outdoor areas such as restaurant patios. Overall, they’re smart additions to businesses, and they’re customizable too!

Are Entry Enclosures Worth It?

Commercial entry enclosures are smart investments for companies. Despite their exposure to harsh weather, the enclosures withstand bad environmental conditions. They’re sturdy and all-around beneficial additions to buildings.

Places That Use Entry Enclosures

As entry enclosures grow in popularity, you’ll see the structures in many places. However, there are popular facilities that incorporate these structures within their buildings. Here are a few common businesses that utilize entry enclosures:

What About Parking Lots?

Commercial entry enclosures are also standard additions to parking lots, especially for multi-level complexes. The structures shield elevators, staircases, and doors, creating a better user experience for employees and customers, as inclement weather won’t affect passageways.

How About ATMs or Ticket Booths?

People use ATMs all the time. Often, the machines are near or inside banking facilities. However, some are free-standing units in public places or as part of a drive-thru. Entry enclosures can protect ATMs as people make transactions. After all, no one wants to use an ATM in the pouring rain or bitter cold. That said, the enclosures come in handy for applications beyond ATMs as well.

Additionally, automated ticket booths can benefit from entry enclosures. Like an ATM, the structures protect people while they complete their transactions. In this scenario, the structure also shields paper tickets from rain and snow.

Benefits of Entry Enclosures

Several industries and businesses rely on entry enclosures due to the numerous benefits these structures offer. Check out the most prominent benefits of commercial entry enclosures.

How Seasonality Plays a Role

A recurring theme with entry enclosures is weather protection. No one wants to stand in inclement weather, and the structures shield people and entranceways from outdoor elements. However, seasonality plays a significant role in the functionality and usefulness of entry enclosures.

Restaurants, bars, and customer-centric businesses install entry enclosures during the fall and utilize them throughout fall and winter. Guests won’t have to wait in the cold to enter facilities for a table or appointment. The structures provide a good look for companies because they prove that business owners care about their customers.

Businesses install these structures to combat the cold, but they’re useful year-round. Rain and wind happen during any season, and the extra protection enhances buildings. Keep bad weather away and help customers stay dry!

Walkway Covers vs. Entry Enclosures

When it comes to extending building entrances, people consider walkway covers as an essential component of entryways. Like entry enclosures, the covers offer protection from inclement weather. This coverage prevents accidents, as snow and ice create slip-and-fall risks for people.

Though both structures are important to businesses, it’s important to point out their differences. Walkway covers are long modular systems that extend from parking lots to entranceways. They’re typically a canopy-like structure (unless you install windscreens for extra protection).

Meanwhile, commercial entry enclosures are fully covered structures that are extensions to buildings. Although people can determine their shape and size, the units don’t extend as far as walkway covers. These structures are ideal for facilities with limited space.

Entry Canopies vs. Entry Enclosures

Besides walkway covers, entry canopies are another structure that people associate with entry enclosures. However, the canopies offer a stylistic feature for buildings. Businesses can add company names, addresses, and design features to the unit. The canopies provide shelter from the rain while being aesthetically pleasing.

Entry enclosure’s main goal is to provide protection. People can customize the enclosures, but they’re not a go-to feature for making stylistic additions to buildings. Individuals interested in an economical way to boost safety and increase protection should opt for these enclosures.

What Can You Add Inside an Entry Enclosure?

Depending on the unit’s size, you can add different things inside the enclosure. For example, lighting is a popular addition that benefits security staff and guests. Furthermore, seating is beneficial for some structures. Enclosures that are large enough to hold benches are ideal for temporary waiting areas you might see at restaurants and bars. The seating is also useful for community centers and medical facilities that may benefit from a waiting area.

But with any additional features, it’s important to avoid overcrowding the space. Entry enclosures are extensions for buildings and serve as temporary waiting rooms. Minor additions such as lights or small trash cans don’t take up much space. Bigger enclosures can house benches, and it’s best to limit the seating to avoid overcrowding the space.

Should Your Business Get an Enclosure?

After exploring the ultimate guide to commercial entry enclosures, you may wonder, “Should I get an enclosure for my business?” The answer is yes! They’re easy to maintain and offer great benefits. When searching for the right manufacturer, choose Handi-Hut as your supplier.

We offer quick installation, customization, and high-quality enclosures. With amazing customer service, we satisfy all our customers’ needs. Let us help you create the perfect structure for your facility! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you expand your business or to receive a quote.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Entry Enclosures