Smoking Shelters

To accommodate employees and customers who smoke, and those that don’t, Handi-Hut’s outdoor smoking shelters are a quick and economical solution. They also eliminate entranceways crowded with smokers and littered with cigarette butts.

Manufactured in rustproof anodized aluminum and shatterproof glass wall panels, our smoking shelters are prefabricated for economical, quick and easy installation. Each shelter is designed with a front wind screen for extra weather protection and equipped with an integrated aluminum bench.

Choose from 11 standard models, 8 roof styles, numerous sizes, configurations, colors, materials, options, and amenities to complement virtually any site. Mix and match colors, add an ash tray, trash can, solar lights and more. If you prefer a custom solution, you will find them to be surprisingly affordable. Many of the models can also be used as passenger waiting shelters.


As America’s leading producer of smoking shelters, Handi-Hut’s shelters are known for their superior quality, durability and value. Unlike some lightweight and flimsy imported shelters (shipped with hundreds of screws, loose parts and complicated instructions), Handi-Hut’s sturdy shelters are prefabricated in just a few sturdy sections, have concealed rain gutters and hardware…and won’t blow down with a huff and a puff!