How To Keep Your Outdoor Smoking Shelter Clean

Smoking shelters are beneficial to businesses and public spaces. That’s why it’s essential to keep the enclosure tidy. This guide discusses how to keep your outdoor smoking shelter clean through good maintenance practices. Follow these suggestions to ensure a well-kept outdoor enclosure!

Smoking Shelter Purpose

Smoking shelters offer people a safe place to smoke without disturbing non-smokers in public spaces. Workplaces purchase smoking shelters to accommodate their smoking employees while respecting their non-smoking employees.

Furthermore, smoking enclosures shield visitors from environmental conditions. Without the threat of inclement weather, people can smoke without rain, snow, and excessive wind hindering their experience.

The structure’s simple design lets businesses incorporate and customize shelters outside their establishment. For instance, shelters can have benches, ventilation, and smoking poles to enhance the space. The enclosure can also match company colors to display unity!

Shelter Placement Matters

How useful is an outdoor smoking shelter if it’s not accessible? Hidden structures or abnormal placement deters people from utilizing the enclosure. If a shelter is far away from a business, this is an inconvenience to employees. Additionally, smoking shelters in hidden spots can become a safety concern.

Simply put, shelter placement matters. A good outdoor enclosure is accessible and visible. Regarding workplace placement, employees should be able to see the shelter from inside the building. Employers can keep an eye on the shelter and ensure their workers stay safe.

Non-work-related shelters deserve safe placement too. Public visibility while staying away from smoke-free areas is the best solution.

Creating a Safe Smoking Area

Besides smart shelter placement, companies and city officials can create safe smoking areas by incorporating accessories. Solar or LED lights illuminate the enclosure to keep visitors visible (while deterring vandalism). Smoking poles and ashtrays prevent visitors from throwing cigarettes on the ground or inside bushes. After all, no one wants to deal with an ignited bush due to a lit cigarette.

For colder months, infrared heaters warm the shelter to create a comfortable user experience. Companies or city officials can create comfortable and safe environments for all visitors!

Ways To Keep Smoking Shelter Clean

Smoking shelters are great additions to public and private spaces. However, like any outdoor enclosure, it’s susceptible to dirt, grime, and litter. Don’t worry; there are ways to upkeep the structure. Learn how to keep your outdoor smoking shelter clean by reading this list of suggestions:

Creating a Maintenance Plan

The only way to implement cleaning initiatives is to create a maintenance plan. This outlines a schedule of expected cleaning times. Keep the enclosure sanitary and avoid large clean-up jobs by continuously caring for the space. While creating a maintenance plan, you can highlight weekly and monthly duties.

Weekly duties can include sweeping, sanitizing, and replacing trash bags. Depending on the enclosure’s traffic, you may increase the duties’ frequency. For instance, you may replace trash bags every two days to avoid an overflow of debris.

Monthly cleaning includes power washing the enclosure and assessing any wear and tear. Since this is an outdoor shelter, environmental factors such as caked-on dirt, bird droppings, and rain contaminants affect the structure. That’s why it’s essential to wash away the filth. Furthermore, assessing any wear and tear is a good plan.

For example, trash can dents, old smoking poles, or wobbly benches require repairs or replacements. Uphold the enclosure’s functionality by updating the accessories.

External Cleaning Service

Many businesses outsource maintenance and cleaning staff. And maintaining a smoking shelter is a part of external sanitation. Outsourcing help means companies don’t have to invest in cleaning materials or equipment. Furthermore, they won’t need to assign an employee to take care of the space.

Hiring a sanitation company is a small yet beneficial investment for outdoor enclosures. Uphold the shelter’s cleanliness standards without a personal commitment to cleaning.

How Visitors Can Help

Visitors play a considerable role in enclosure upkeep. While utilizing the space, they should throw away cigarette butts and other trash. Additionally, they should respect the structure’s accessories. Properly using benches, leaning rails, and other components prevent damage.

For workplace enclosures, business owners can outline smoking shelter etiquette and expectations. This may include:

Implementing Signage

Establish rules, expectations, and etiquette through informational signs. Business owners can install a sign inside the enclosure that reiterates company expectations. Furthermore, signs can discuss violation consequences.

Businesses can restrict access if employees or visitors fail to upkeep the smoking shelter. Hopefully, companies don’t have to take these drastic measures to ensure clean and safe spaces. Signs are effective at relaying messages and expectations!

Benefits of a Clean Smoking Shelter

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and functional enclosure is the main benefit of a clean smoking shelter. People deserve access to well-kept enclosures. Furthermore, clean spaces prevent people from creating alternative smoking areas. Non-designated spots like building entrances, parking lots, or warehouses are not ideal for smokers. This also violates non-smokers’ rights to clean air.

Always Comply With Regulations

Laws prohibit smoking inside public buildings, including workplaces. That’s why outdoor smoking shelters benefit companies as they accommodate smokers and non-smokers. Before seeking an enclosure, ensure that it follows local and state regulations. Requirements will influence the shelter’s size and placement. Following the laws ensure that outdoor enclosures are safe for public and employee use.

Please contact your local Planning and Development Department if you’re unsure about the laws. From there, you can receive permission for shelter installation and acquire the proper permits!

Purchase a Smoking Shelter

Smoking shelters are smart additions to workplaces and various public areas. Enhance your business with an outdoor shelter from the proper manufacturer. If you’re interested in purchasing an enclosure, consider Handi-Hut! We’ll ensure you find your ideal structure with quality material and beneficial accessories. Start your order by contacting us today!

How To Keep Your Outdoor Smoking Shelter Clean