Factors To Consider When Buying an Outdoor Smoking Shelter

Among the different types of prefabricated enclosures, smoking shelters are one of the best structures for large and small businesses. Before you purchase one, you should keep a few things in mind. Read these factors to consider when buying an outdoor smoking shelter for mindful considerations.

Local Smoking Regulations

Before purchasing a structure, make sure you can install it near your establishment. Although laws prohibit smoking inside public buildings, specific areas have special exceptions. Nonsmoking areas are spaces that don’t allow smoking inside the property. However, you can place a shelter outside the building to accommodate people. Check with local laws and ensure that your shelter complies with regulations.

Shelter Placement

Smoking shelters can look odd and out of place when businesses don’t think of the right placement. Enclosures should be visible to people and easily accessible. People may shy away from the structure when shelters are hard to find (or in weird spots). Assess your business exteriors and select a big spot to house the enclosure. Additionally, ensure the placement area is close enough to the building and employees or other users can access the space without trouble.

Enclosure Accessories

The purpose of a smoking shelter is to let people have a space to smoke without disrupting nonsmokers (or to comply with regulations). To make the enclosure user-friendly, accessories can enhance the space. Leaning rails, exhaust fans, and a cigarette butt receptable are helpful additions. Consider adding these accessories or other things you find beneficial.

Maintenance Plan

Your maintenance plan is important to consider when buying an outdoor smoking shelter. Any prefabricated enclosure is an investment, and to ensure a reliable ROI, you must upkeep the structure. Before purchasing a shelter, think of ways to maintain the enclosure. For instance, creating a cleaning schedule or buying trash cans for the structure helps prioritize cleanliness.

The Best Smoking Shelter Manufacturer

When you’re looking for a suitable smoking shelter, you should go with the best manufacturer—and the best is Handi-Hut. Created with chip-proof and rust-proof anodized metal, our enclosures are affordable and sturdy. When you’re ready to purchase the shelter, please contact Handi-Hut, and we’ll start your order!