Does My Prefabricated Enclosure Need To Be State-Certified?

Prefabricated enclosures are excellent additions to public spaces. They protect people and equipment from environmental elements while adding a level of comfort. However, you may wonder specific questions like, “Does my prefabricated enclosure need to be state-certified?” Fortunately, we have the answer as we give you the rundown of prefabricated enclosures. Don’t miss this beneficial information!

What Is a Prefabricated Enclosure?

A prefabricated enclosure is a modular structure that safeguards equipment, people, or tools. Typically, outdoor prefabricated enclosures protect people or items from environmental elements like rain, snow, or UV rays. They’re popular for businesses and public areas with high foot traffic.

Common Types of Prefabricated Enclosures

Prefabricated enclosures take many forms, and people benefit from them every day. And though there are several different types of prefabricated enclosures, these are the most common types:

Transit Shelters

Transit shelters safeguard passengers waiting for public transportation. They come with a bench that typically seats three to five people. Transit shelters are extremely popular in metropolitan areas because public transportation is a common means of transportation. With different makes and models, transit shelters give people a comfortable option to wait for their ride.

Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are popular enclosures for businesses because it allows employees (and the public) to smoke in a designated area. US regulations and laws prohibit smoking in public places. However, employers can comply with this rule by installing smoking shelters to accommodate employees. This allows people to smoke outside without breaking local regulations or harming those who don’t smoke.

Bike Shelters

Cyclers need a space to store their bikes while they engage in various activities—and bike shelters offer protection from theft and environmental damage (like rain, which can rust a bicycle). Business owners seek bike shelters to help employees who bike to work. Also, typical bike parking options like racks are only ideal for short-term parking. Shelters offer longer protection with a higher standard of security.

Custom Shelters

Equipment shelters, attendant booths, and info kiosks are all examples of custom shelters. Depending on the use, business owners or government officials can install custom shelters for the public to utilize. Enclosures for ATMs, ticket vending machines, or stairwells offer a layer of protection for people using that equipment. They’re useful in a lot of situations!

Another Type of Enclosure To Consider

Walkway covers are another type of prefabricated enclosure to consider. This distinctive cover is a safe and economical way to protect pedestrians from UV rays and other outside elements. People often forget about this enclosure, but it’s a notable addition to buildings with long walkways.

Prefabricated Enclosure Installation: Does It Need To Be State-Certified?

After learning about the common types of prefabricated enclosures, it’s important to address the installation aspect. Business owners have to seek permission before installing a permanent external structure. This may entail a special building regulation approval that dictates the specific area of the enclosure. Owners can speak with their local government permit office for state certifications. For government officials, different rules may apply, but there is usually more reign to install prefabricated enclosures.

How Long Is the Installation Process?

The best thing about prefabricated enclosures is that they’re pre-made structures. So, when they’re ready, the installation process is quick. Business owners or government officials can experience the benefits of the enclosures and make public spaces better.

Reasons To Purchase Prefabricated Enclosures

The big selling point of prefabricated enclosures is that they improve people’s experience in public areas. However, there are tons of great reasons to purchase these types of enclosures. Check out these fantastic reasons:

Workplaces That Benefit From Prefabricated Enclosures

Although we address business owners and government officials purchasing prefabricated enclosures, they’re ideal for many workplaces. Here is a list of workplaces that can benefit from prefabricated enclosures:

Tips for Selecting Your Prefabricated Enclosure Manufacturer

When purchasing any prefabricated enclosure, it’s essential to select the manufacturer who will give you a high-quality structure. Checking aspects like enclosure material, sizing, and aluminum finishes can help you decide which manufacturer offers the best product. Don’t be afraid to factor in cost and installation time while making your decision because it plays a significant role too!

Who Is the Best Prefabricated Enclosure Manufacturer?

With different options out there, you must cut through the clutter and find the best prefab manufacturer—and Handi Hut is the best! Without a doubt, Handi Hut has earned a reputation for producing quality prefabricated enclosures that people love! With highly customizable modular products and excellent craftsmanship, Handi Hut offers a durable enclosure that will look fantastic for years to come.

After reading our guide on prefabricated enclosures, we hope you learned about these great additions. We also hope we answered specific questions like, “Does my prefabricated enclosure need to be state-certified?” Here at Handi Hut, we manufacture quality enclosures that are built to last a long time. If you’re interested in purchasing one, call us today for a quote!

Does My Prefabricated Enclosure Need To Be State-Certified?