Do You Need a Smoke Shelter if Your Employees Vape?

Smoking became very popular with certain people for many years because it was a quick way to provide relief and entertainment. Laws and regulations have changed over time with deeper analysis and investigation of how dangerous and prejudicial this activity is for smokers and everyone around them.

Society adapts to change, no matter the situation, and if a person decides to continue this activity, they deserve a safe space to do it. As a business owner, dealing with employees who smoke might be tricky, especially when vaping is an alternative. This leads to the question: Do you need a smoke shelter if your employees vape?

Safe Space

With new guidelines and social rules, people expect professionalism within businesses, something an employee smoking or vaping can take away. After a global pandemic, people are more aware of their surroundings, especially interacting with contaminated gases.

Providing your employees with the option to smoke or vape inside an assigned area will break some tension and provide them with relief. One of the main characteristics for a business to succeed and thrive is keeping employees happy, so providing a smoke shelter is a good solution.

Bonding Area

A vaping shelter could increase productivity in a business, allowing employees to bond while taking a break, which will positively impact their development. A smoking shelter is the best solution to a situation that keeps adjusting to societal changes.

Vaping might not seem as dangerous as smoking, but it is the same concept; the nicotine levels entering the body are high, and the vapor spreads quickly to everyone around. It is unfair to completely cut a person from their right to do any activity as long as it doesn’t affect others. Containment is the best option.

Business Reputation

Vaping became an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Lit cigarettes could cause fires if disposed of incorrectly, but the electronic nature of vaping changed that. The reputation of a business could suffer if clients decide it is not a safe space to spend their time and money.

Working for a business that cares for its employees and finds solutions to common challenges will make it more desirable for staff and could reduce employee turnover. A smoke shelter for vaping employees is a viable solution; even offering the service to customers will positively impact your business reputation.