Differences Between Nonsmoking and Smoke-Free Areas

State and local laws have specific smoking policies for public areas. It’s important to understand smoking-related terminology to adhere to regulations. This guide reviews the differences between nonsmoking and smoke-free areas to help you understand these terms.

What Is a Nonsmoking Area?

A nonsmoking area is a public space that prohibits smoking. However, a designated spot outside the property may allow people to smoke. Proper signage in nonsmoking areas directs people to the designated smoking spot and allows nonsmokers to avoid any exposure to secondhand smoke. Typical nonsmoking areas include workplaces, theaters, grocery stores, gaming facilities, and commercial establishments.

What Is a Smoke-Free Area?

A smoke-free area prohibits smoking everywhere on a property. An enclosure or designated smoking spot is not allowed, and people smoking on the grounds may be escorted off the property or receive consequences such as fines. Typical smoke-free areas include hospitals, educational institutions, court buildings, auditoriums, and libraries. However, other places can be designated as smoke-free areas to enforce strict rules. Generally, signage will explicitly state when a building is a smoke-free area so that people can understand the expectations.

How To Accommodate Smokers and Nonsmokers

The best way to accommodate smokers and nonsmokers in a nonsmoking area is to install a smoking shelter on the grounds. These prefabricated enclosures offer smokers designated spots to smoke, but they also protect nonsmokers by creating distance between them and smokers. Smoking shelters are customizable as well as quick and easy to install.

Business-owners can purchase enclosures with seating, ashtrays, and trash cans for employees or customers to utilize. In addition, government officials can purchase enclosures and install them in different public settings to monitor and regulate smoking in specific areas.

You can better understand the differences between nonsmoking and smoke-free areas by reviewing the above policies. If you’re interested in purchasing a smoking shelter, contact Handi-Hut. Manufactured with rust-proof, chip-free anodized aluminum, our high-quality enclosures are accessible to all people. Contact us today for a price quote.