Benefits of Covered Bike Shelters With Locks

Bikes deserve suitable parking and protection. That’s why shelters are essential for all cyclists. Read about the benefits of covered bike shelters with locks for more information.

Prevent Weather From Tarnishing Bikes

One of the best things about bicycle shelters is that they protect bikes from environmental conditions. Rain and snow tarnish bikes. The moisture causes bike materials to rust and breaks down critical parts, such as bike chains. From there, these severe damages make bikes unusable. Luckily, an enclosed shelter prevents weather damage and deterioration! This is great for year-round protection.

Give Cyclists Extra Protection

In the United States, people report thousands of bike thefts every year. People steal bikes for financial gain, as the units (and their parts) are valuable for various applications. Fortunately, bike shelters with locks reduce the chances of theft. When leaving bikes unattended, cyclists have extra protection and know thieves can’t access their property.

Extend Bike Parking Time

Extending parking time is another benefit of covered bike shelters with locks. Covered shelters are perfect for long-term parking because the enclosures minimize theft and weather damage. People can enter public spaces and not worry about damage to their property. So they’ll likely visit establishments for longer periods. The extra safety lets cyclists enjoy various indoor areas with ease!

Attract People

Businesses and other organizations often prioritize vehicle parking with designated zones and parking lots. Unknowingly, this can deter an important customer base (cyclists) away from establishments. Bike shelters attract more people because the enclosures expand parking opportunities. Along with drivers, cyclists are major parts of the people businesses and organizations serve.

Prove Bike-Friendliness

As mentioned above, covered shelters attract people. Not only do they expand parking opportunities, but they also prove bike-friendliness. Bikes are a sustainable mode of transportation, and organizations that encourage “green” initiatives support biking. It’s a win-win situation, as those that accommodate cyclists can show their commitment to sustainability and benefit from that.

Purchase a covered bike shelter from the best manufacturer. Here at Handi-Hut, we produce high-security enclosures with rust-proof, anodized aluminum. Choose one of our shelters or create a custom unit. We’re here to help you!