A Quick Guide to Bus Stop Shelter Sizing

Bus shelters are common additions to public spaces. They hold commuters until their ride arrives. When purchasing a bus shelter, it’s essential to consider sizing. Check out this quick guide to bus stop shelter sizing for more information!

Bus Stop Shelter Impact

Like any transit shelter, bus stop shelters are important for public transportation. People have a safe space to wait for their ride without inclement weather affecting them. Many shelters have seats, lights, and wayfinding elements (maps) to enhance the user experience.

The enclosures make a big impact on communities because they accommodate commuters. They’re accessible, convenient, and easy to install. From metropolitan cities to small towns, you’ll find bus stop shelters everywhere!

How To Select the Right Size

When choosing a prefabricated bus stop shelter, it’s essential to select the right size enclosure. The key to selecting the right size is to evaluate the area’s foot traffic and commuter habits to determine how many people take the bus. Typically, location is the biggest influence on this answer.

Metropolitan cities like Chicago or New York have a lot of commuters, as residents rely on public transportation to travel throughout the city. Smaller and more residential areas use public transit too, but many people drive cars.

By assessing the area, government officials can figure out the shelter sizing. Prefabricated enclosure sizes vary. For example, here at Handi Hut, our Series 3 shelter is 7’5″ x 2’8″ to 7’5″ x 4′, holding three to four people. However, our Series 6 is much larger, holding 12 to 14 people.

Larger shelters are ideal for busy areas with a heavy commuter presence, and smaller shelters are great for uncrowded spaces. You can customize a bus shelter that fits your needs for unique situations or odd spaces.

Choose the Right Supplier

Whether you’re a government official or business owner interested in bus shelters, select the right supplier. Here at Handi Hut, we offer durable prefabricated enclosures that withstand inclement weather conditions.

Our aluminum transit shelters are affordable and reliable. After reading this quick guide to bus stop shelter sizing, you can select one of our prefab shelters or customize your own. The choice is yours!