7 Ways To Encourage Sustainable Commuting

Sustainability is a concern for all businesses, and employers seek ways to make the workplace eco-friendly. Fortunately, this initiative can start with commuting. Read these seven ways to encourage sustainable commuting.

Accommodate Commuters

Sustainable commuting shouldn’t feel like a hassle, and there are ways employers can accommodate commuters. For example, employers can install bus stop shelters near their facility to give their workers a secure space to wait for their rides. In addition, they can also provide bike enclosures to allow cyclists to lock their bikes during the workday.

Create a Carpooling System

Of course, driving is the most convenient way to commute to work, but motor vehicles emit air pollutants. However, instead of employers discouraging driving, they can create a carpooling system. Group together employees who live near each other and encourage them to take turns driving one another to work.

Cover Public Transportation Costs

An effective way employers can encourage sustainable commuting is by covering public transportation costs. Prepaying for transit tickets or loading transit cards allows workers to commute without spending money or driving. In addition, some public transport providers have programs that allow employers to give workers pretax or discount fare cards.

Make Work Schedules Flexible

Did you know that non-transportation-related adjustments can encourage sustainable commuting too? One of the most eco-friendly and modern ways to do this is by allowing employees to work from home. Employers can make work schedules flexible by permitting remote work throughout the week, reducing overall emissions.

Offer Incentives for Sustainable Commuting

Incentives like reimbursements, free transit passes, and ride-share discounts are effective ways to encourage sustainable commuting. When employees see the cost-effective aspect of the incentives, they will continue to use public transport or other sustainable options. And with rising gas prices, employees will see the direct benefit of eco-friendly commuting.

Get a Company Green Car

Businesses with a company vehicle should consider switching to an eco-friendly alternative. Electric cars are viable options for company transportation, and they’re affordable! Electric cars can also become a tax incentive for employers because the US offers a $7,500 tax credit for these vehicles.

Lead by Example

Out of the seven ways to encourage sustainable commuting, leading by example is one of the biggest things employers can do. Employers taking public transportation, carpooling, or biking to work prove that they take this initiative seriously. And when employees see their employers following sustainable practices, they’re likely to join.

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