5 Reasons To Offer Covered Bike Shelters in Your City

Biking is a popular means of transportation. However, some cities don’t prioritize their infrastructure to fit a cyclist’s needs. One thing a cyclist can benefit from is a bike shelter. If you’re wondering what bike shelters can do in your city, check out these five reasons to offer covered bike shelters in your city today!

Encourage People To Cycle More

Not only is bike riding eco-friendly, but it’s a fantastic way to exercise. When you install covered bike shelters throughout the city, you encourage people to cycle more. Cycling can lower your city’s carbon emissions and improve air quality. This displays an effort towards sustainability and the well-being of your citizens!

Offer Protection From Harsh Weather

Covered bike shelters offer protection from harsh weather. Though cyclists don’t ride their bikes in extreme weather, factors like rain can damage bikes. The bike shelter will provide a “hood” for the bikes and prevent rust and deterioration. Cyclists will have the assurance that their bikes are safe throughout changing weather patterns.

People Can Support Businesses

Businesses in cities thrive on customer support. The only way people can support businesses is by having access to the buildings. Sometimes companies have limited parking options, making it hard to visit their location. Fortunately, bike shelters allow people to have a safe spot to temporarily store their bikes while they visit local businesses.

Beautify the City

When cities have little to no bike parking options, cyclists will improvise and lock their bikes to things that seem secure. For example, they may lock their bikes to light posts and railings. As a result, it can clutter different areas and become a hazard to pedestrians. By incorporating covered bike shelters, you can avoid clutter and make your city clean and beautiful.

Create Less Traffic for Other Transportation Methods

Every city has a popular transportation method. Whether it’s cars, subways, or bus services, people have a preferred way to commute throughout the city. However, popular transportation methods can create traffic. By installing bike shelters, you can encourage cycling as a means of transportation. As a result, there can be fewer traffic jams.

Biking is a popular mode of transportation that cities can benefit from. You can accommodate cyclists by adding covered bike shelters in different areas. We hope these five reasons to offer covered bike shelters in your city were beneficial. If you’re interested in purchasing a covered bike shelter or other bike parking options, contact Handi Hut. Call us today to get started on your order!