5 Benefits of Solar-Powered Bus Shelters

When installing bus shelters, you have more options available than you might expect. For instance, solar-powered shelters exist for cities to utilize. That said, not everyone is aware of how solar panels improve transit structures, despite the difference these materials make. Continue reading below to learn the substantial benefits of solar-powered bus shelters today.

Convenient & Accommodating

One benefit of installing solar-powered lights and USB chargers is the convenience to everyday visitors. Instead of waiting and wasting their phone battery power, transit riders can charge their phones in the shelter. That way, they can stress less about their phone dying on the way to their destination, the potential repercussions of which can fill a list of their own.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

One of the most substantial benefits of solar-powered bus shelters is the peace of mind they bring. Providing phone charging stations is convenient, but charging phones and having consistent, bright lighting all night is essential for safety.

While a dark shelter may attract vandalism and other dangers, warm lighting creates an environment that can repel such activity and provide transit riders with the situational awareness they need to remain safe. In addition, setting up charging stations ensures visitors can make or respond to emergency calls.

No Costly Electrical Bills

Helping to accommodate bus riders is excellent, but, of course, the costs are essential to consider too. After all, electricity typically isn’t free. That said, “typically” is the crucial word here because there is a way to create a consistent, cost-effective power source: solar panels. With solar panels, the shelter can maintain power using the sun’s rays, providing visitors with electricity without the need for costly utility bills.

Simple To Install

Don’t worry; if you have a non-solar bus shelter, converting it is easier than you might expect. For instance, at Handi-Hut, we provide aluminum bus shelters in which you can easily install separate solar-powered lights and USB chargers. That said, we can also deliver solar-power-ready shelters. In other words, whether you choose to incorporate solar power on day one or after the installation, creating a solar-powered shelter can be straightforward.

Better for the Environment

By choosing solar power over the standard electrical system, bus stops can avoid adding to greenhouse gas emissions. Solar-powered shelters utilize clean energy from the sun; no greenhouse gas emissions are present at any step of the process. For this reason, some cities are turning to solar-powered bus stations and other avenues for creating eco-friendly communities.