4 Prefabricated Shelters That Will Benefit Any Business

Regardless of the business type, companies can benefit from prefabricated shelters. However, there are specific shelters owners can seek for their establishment. Check out these four prefabricated shelters that will benefit any business!

Transit Shelters

Though transit shelters provide a secure space in which people can wait for public transportation, the shelter can benefit businesses too! Companies near public transit spots can entice customers by installing a transit shelter near their establishment. Doing so allows commuters to gain easy access to the business and transportation spot. In addition, transit shelters are awesome advertising opportunities, as companies can showcase ads on the shelter display.

Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are great for businesses because they allow people to smoke without affecting the company building. In many cases, business owners prefer employees (or customers) to smoke outside. And with the help of a smoking shelter, owners can contain smoking in one area. In addition, prefabricated enclosures reduce cigarette butt litter around businesses, which improves the outside appearance.

Bike Shelters

Another prefabricated shelter that will benefit any business is a bike shelter. Some employees prefer biking to work because it’s an eco-friendly transportation method. And when workers arrive for the day, they need a safe space to store their bikes. Of course, bike racks are an option, but they’re better suited for short-term parking. Fortunately, bike shelters allow employees to store their bikes in a secure location without worrying about theft throughout the day.

Specialty Shelters

One of the best things about prefabricated shelters is that they can fit unusual needs! Outside of transit, smoking, and bike shelters, businesses may need something more unique. For instance, companies can acquire equipment shelters, attendant booths, or stairwell and elevator enclosures. Not only will specialty shelters fit any company’s needs, but they will also make daily operations easier.

If you’re a business owner interested in installing any of these prefabricated shelters, please contact Handi-Hut. With customizable options and quality material, Handi-Hut can install the shelter that fits your needs. If you have any questions, give us a call today!